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JUST CAME IN!!!!! "Frosted Burnout Doubley" - Very soft double sided plush.




- Minky Baby Team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — July 07, 2014

Blowout Sale!!

Selected fabric on bolts are now on sale!!




























Written by Maziar Gilardian — July 30, 2013

Holiday Sale!

 We are now offering $10 off on orders over $150 and $20 off on orders over $300, on ALL FABRICS. Not just holiday themed colors or looks, you can order any fabric or combination of them. 

Take advantage of this limited offer only happening until the end of December. 

-Minky Baby Team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — December 03, 2012

Yards and Bolts

 We are now offering 10 Yard Bolts on most fabrics in our collections starting at just 109.50!

Also continuing the updates on our site so thank you everyone for your concerns and feedback, It had helped us point out some issues and be able to address them more promptly. 

Any other thoughts or questions you may have, please first take a look at our Fabric Info section for basic info on our fabrics. If the question is not addressed there, please send us an email. 

- Minky Baby team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — October 31, 2012

Tie Dye fabrics are in!

 Hello Everyone, 

We at Minky Baby Fabric want to thank you for your patience and, would also like to let everyone know that the Minky Tie Dye fabrics are now in! 

If you are one of the many customers that have been waiting for it, the wait is over. Orders will be processed and shipped out as soon as possible. 

Thank you again for your patience and understanding,

-Minky Baby team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — October 05, 2012

Ordering and Shipping ...

 We have been experiencing difficulties with our shipping calculating correctly for over seas orders but we have now put a Shipping Rate Calculator right in your cart next to the Amount total during checkout. Other countries are being added all day soon. So if you are not on there yet, email us and let us know.

We have updated names and prices and will be adding more lines and styles of fabrics very soon.

Thank you for sticking with us during this time of adjustment and please contact us with any frustrations toward the site so that we can address them promptly. 

-Minky Baby Team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — September 13, 2012

Slowly building up!

If you have been checking on the progress of our site, You'll notice that we have many more products up and more being added daily.

Thank you for your patience in this time of reconstruction

-Minky Baby team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — August 31, 2012

Patterns coming soon!

 All of our popular fabrics will be back online very soon including our signature Minky Dynasty and the recently popular Tie Dye. 

Thank you again for your patience as we re-organize MinkyBabyFabric.com

-Minky Baby team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — August 24, 2012

Still able to order!

 If you are a returning customer and you know the product you would like to order but we don't have it available yet, Please feel free to email 



With your specific order description and products.

- Minky Baby team

Written by Maziar Gilardian — August 23, 2012


Minky baby Fabric is the original creator of the ULTRA SOFT and LUXURIOUS Minky fabrics. With over 100 designs and tons of color to choose from, we can cover all of your needs. Please feel free to send as inquiries and all questions in regards with our fabrics and we will do our best to assist you. Thank you

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